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"Vita brevis ars longa"

Fanny Hensel: Piano Sonata in G minor 

Emilie Mayer: Piano Sonata in D minor (first recording!)


„Vita brevis, ars longa“- in English: „Life is short, art is long.“

This latin aphorism can be found on the original autograph of the piano sonata in D minor by Emilie Mayer. However, it was later conceiled with a piece of paper, bearing the name of the composer. Nowadays, the aphorism can only be seen in backlight.

This peculiar phenomenon raises several questions. Still, the aphorism is undoubtedly suitable for this album, since it constitutes the very first recording of the sonata in history - over 150 years after it was composed. One can sure state that, in this case, the work has outlived the composer. The same applies to piano sonata in G minor by Fanny Hensel: her work was also not published during her lifetime and was not rediscovered until the 1990s. 


VIDEO zur CD "Vita brevis ars longa"

"Women Composers": Cinema release and international Festivals

November 5, 2018: German cinema release of the film "Women Composers"!

For events and international festivals visit www.komponistinnen.com 


Beitrag zu Konzert und Filmvorführung am 28.10.18 in der Alten Synagoge Hagenow

Hochschule für Musik Freiburg

Since summer semester 2018 Kyra Steckeweh researches historical-critical editions of the works of women composers at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg.  



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